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Geometric Ear Cuff

Geometric Ear Cuff

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  • Materials: Brazilian 18k Gold Filled
  • Diameter: Large: 23mm | Medium: 19.8mm | Small: 15.5mm
  • Width: Large: 5.0mm | Medium: 5.0mm | Small: 5.0mm
  • Opening: Large: 6.5mm | Medium: 5.6mm | Small: 3.0mm
  • Weight:  Large: 0.069oz | Medium: 0.054oz | Small: 0.044oz
  • Colors: Gold


Available in small, medium, and large sizes for a custom fit. Each cuff showcases a unique geometric design, perfect for creating a personalized, stackable look. Crafted with precision, these cuffs blend artistic flair with versatility, allowing you to mix and match for a distinctive style statement. Inspired by the bold patterns of South American art, they add a modern twist to any outfit. Whether worn individually or as a stacked ensemble, these ear cuffs are a testament to individual expression and contemporary elegance.

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