Where did our name come from?

The Tale Behind the Name: Meet the Canine Trio That Inspired Roc By Luna

Hello, you beautiful souls!

We often get asked, "Where did the name come from?". Roc By Luna, our name is a heartfelt tribute, a symbol of love, and a collection of life lessons learned from our furry family. So, let's share the heartwarming tale behind our name and explore each sparkling charm — Rocky, Toby, and Luna.

Roc: Strength & Leadership

Rocky was more than just a dachshund; he was a domineering force, embodying strength and determination. He was the first pup to join the family after our founder, Mare Castro, tied the knot. Rocky's unwavering loyalty earned him the title of "best friend" from Mare's son at a tender age of just 2.5 years. This little guy taught us to be fearless and to lead with courage.

Black dachshund sitting down

By: Kindness & Uniqueness

Toby, the sweet yet anti-social Yorkie, added the "by" to our name. He was the perfect match for Mare's daughter, with their friendship blossoming from day one. Toby was a reminder that kindness comes in all forms, even if you're a bit reserved. 

Brown and black Yorkie sitting down.

Luna: Humor & Beauty

Lastly, Luna, the Belgian Malinois, brought a dose of comic relief and unexpected beauty to the mix. She became the "family" dog even though she technically belonged to my sister. Intended to be a power dog, Luna ended up being hilariously floppy and funny. She taught us to embrace the unexpected and to find beauty in the quirks that make us who we are. 

Belgian Malinois sticking her tongue out.

Three Dogs, One Vision

As diverse as their personalities were, Rocky, Toby, and Luna had one thing in common: they were family. Just like them, our pieces are diverse yet harmonious, each one crafted to complement and celebrate your own individual beauty. 

When you wear Roc By Luna, know that you're not just wearing a piece of jewelry; you're wearing a piece of our heart, imprinted with lessons from our beloved canine companions.


With all the love our paws can muster,

The Roc By Luna Family 🐾