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Paws & Purpose: A Sparkling Way to Give Back

Hello Radiant Souls,

We at Roc By Luna have some exciting news to share—one that warms our hearts and, we hope, will bring a wag to yours!

The Tail-Wagging Legacy

As many of you know, the name Roc By Luna comes from three incredibly special canines that have blessed our lives. These furry family members not only inspired our brand but also instilled in us the values of loyalty, love, and individuality. Just as they have brought us endless joy and inspiration, we wish to extend the same warmth to pets who haven't found their forever homes yet.

A Portion for Paws

We're thrilled to announce that a portion of the profit from each sale will be donated to an animal shelter at the end of every year. It’s a heartfelt way for us to give back to the community that has given us so much. Whether you're a Rocky, a Toby, or a Luna, each purchase you make contributes to a cause close to our hearts.

Empowerment and Compassion

At Roc By Luna, we're all about empowering women through our exquisite jewelry, carefully crafted to reflect each woman's individuality and spirit. And now, with each piece you buy, you're also empowering vulnerable animals to find the love and care they deserve.

Join the Cause!

So, the next time you're choosing a necklace that channels your inner strength or an earring that catches the light just right, remember: you're not just adorning yourself in style; you're making a statement of compassion.

Every piece counts. Every heart matters. And together, we can make this world a little brighter—one paw, one purchase, at a time.

With tail-wagging thanks, The Roc By Luna Team 🐾✨